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Virtual Personal Training now available

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What is virtual training?

Virtual Personal Training is when you meet with your trainer virtually either on phone, skype, emails and texts. Meeting once a week via phone and email along with daily texts to keep you inspired and motivated.

How active are you in helping me?

Barbara helps you on a daily basis by sending inspirational and motivational texts. She helps you weekly by email with pertinent questions you have throughout your fitness journey. She helps you with weekly 15 min phone calls.

How much does it cost?

Depending on how long you would like a trainer to assist you on your physical fitness journey, depends on price. One month minimum is $500

When is payment due?

As soon as you decide you want to do this!!

Barbara will send you an invoice where you will pay either in full OR pay $200 deposit and pay remainder $300 in 7 days.

How does this work?

Before Barbara can start creating workouts and an eating program you are required to read and sign 3 forms. They are:

  1. A Health Intake Form
  2. Consent Disclosure and Disclaimer Cancellation Policy
  3. Fee Form

Once forms have been signed and received by Barbara, she will then guide you on what you will need to provide her so that she can begin creating a workout and eating program. ie: food journal, weight and measurements, provide front, back, and side pics.

Will you help me with a cardiovascualar workout?

Yes, absolutely!!







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