It's time to work it out!!

Barbara’s workout programs offer you the best bang for your buck. She will get you in shape. Reach the perfect fit with the outfit you’ve always wanted.

Foot work

Walking, running, climbing. Your feet will be put to the test.

Heart rate

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.

Weight lifting

By slowly raising the weight bar, we are able to build muscles safely.

Featured Sessions

Strength & stamina

Strength and Stamina we will delve deep into building the fittest body you can. These sessions  aim to not only shape you up, but also instruct and inform you in the right methods to do weightlifting and working out.

Flexibility postures

Learn how to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture, with our comprehensive sessions that goes through some popular Yoga and Pilates postures and stretches. They are geared to make your body more flexible and agile.

achieving your goals

Getting in shape forces you to face your biggest challenges and sticking to a regular routine for a long period of time. This will make sure you know how to focus on the right exercises and workouts to reach your goals. 

What Our customers say

I've managed to stay with Barbara 3 times a week, for over 6 months now, and I owe it all to Barbara's unique creative style that keeps me motivated in this process.

Chris H.

I was introduced to Barbara when she was training me for The Bean East Coast infomercial. I was naturally thin but didn't have much muscle and I had stubborn belly fat. I put on 5lbs of muscle in my arms and legs and my belly was flat! I saw a huge benefit working with Barbara.

Carolyn S.

Choose Your PLAN

Pick a program that best fits your schedule and goals.



1 hr session


Cardio & Weight Training

HIIT (high intensity interval training)





package 10 – includes FREE 30 min Deep Tissue Massage

Core work

Cardio & Weight Training

HIIT (high intensity interval training)





package 20 – includes FREE 60 min Deep Tissue Massage & 45 min Coaching

Core work

Cardio & Weight Training

HIIT (high intensity interval training)



Personal Training

Hey ladies!! Do you want to bring the sexy back?
Hey men! Do you want to be the hot stud for your girlfriend? Fiance? Wife?
Are YOU looking to lose weight? Gain muscle? Loose those last stubborn 5 - 10 lbs?
Barbara can get you there!

One on One out call Personal Training in the comfort of your home. Includes a thorough nutritional evaluation, physical assessment, body fat, before, mid, and after pictures, weighing, and measurements. Workouts are three to five times a week. On nice days Barbara just may take your workout outside! 🙂

Your health is an investment.

You receive the benefit of having Barbara personal train you not just because she has been a certified personal trainer and nutritional consultant since 2002, but also because she has been in the health and wellness field for over 30 years! She taught exercise classes at 18. Taught exercise classes to seniors. Has helped countless men and women lose up to and over 100 lbs!! She has competed in bodybuilding, figure, swimsuit, and beauty competitions. She managed The Bean East Coast infomercial in 2005.

Barbara services high end clientele in the comfort of their home. Bringing items such as bands, jump rope, medicine ball, pilate disks and a variety size of dumbbells in addition to what you have in your own home gym you can rest assured she has you covered.

$110 per hr
Save $150 when you purchase a package of 10 at $1000 that includes a FREE 30 min Deep Tissue Massage on your 10th training!
Save over $400 when you purchase a package of 20 at $2000 that includes a FREE 60 min Deep Tissue massage (worth $90) AND a 45 min of FREE Coaching (worth $112.50)

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