Commercial Workshops

Barbara is available coast to coast for colleges, schools, universities, corporations, small and large businesses, holistic centers, etc for either 2 or 3 day retreats. If you are an organization that wishes to bring Barbara into your center please contact her through this website Here.

Two Days: Saturday and Sunday $395
Three Days: Friday Saturday and Sunday $495

Students are responsible for their own room and board and travel expenses.

Organizations cover Barbara Anne Rose’s travel expenses, room and board.

In-Bound Workshops

Barbara’s In-Bound workshops take place at her location in Newark, Delaware for men, women and couples. Room and board is covered - $1,000 per person. Register Here

Friday 1-5
Saturday 9-6
Sunday 9-6

Workshop One

Sexuality and Intimacy for individuals and couples - This workshop will delve deep into not only sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and lack of intimacy, it will help you assess your needs on a very personal level. Intimacy is often misunderstood. You will learn how to use body language, music, art, dance, touch and voice communication to enhance intimacy with your partner(s). Incorporating different ways of meditation will help access your Kundalini energy; which in turn gains inner guidance to facilitate full body and internal orgasms. If healing is needed, activating the Kundalini will help.

Workshop Two

Relational Communication for individuals and couples - Do you find yourself at odds with others? Do you desire love in your life? Would you like to up the notch in your love life? This workshop is specific on how you can relate to others while still holding true to who you really are. This workshop focuses on relations outside of you.

Workshop Three

Divine Touch Massage Workshop for couples only - boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, friend/friend - In this workshop you will learn how to give sensual massage. Bringing together the divine in each of us in a safe, sacred setting allows freedom to express inner love for another. Using the energy systems in our bodies, called chakras, Barbara will teach you how to tap in, tune in and turn them on. Orgasms happen in many ways. This workshop will ignite the powers within you that will surprisingly help you in many areas of your life. Expect to be awakened into your birthright! The positive changes that can affect your life by attending a weekend workshop on giving sensual massage will impact your life in extraordinary ways. Hands on teaching and practice. Massages are performed with genital areas appropriately covered.

Students will learn:

  1. Chakras. How they can affect you emotionally, mentally, spiritually. How chakras communicate to you through the body to better able take care of self and others. How to utilize your Chakras as your teacher and healer
  2. Energy fields
  3. Communication Styles
  4. Spiritual Truths
  5. Meditation
  6. Awareness
  7. Consciousness
  8. Study male and female anatomy
  9. Myths surrounding sex and God
  10. Myths around Spirituality and God

There will be time for open discussion (in all workshops) and exercises taken from her book, Angel Works ( Engagement from students is beneficial but not required.

Workshops with room and board cost $1,000 and run Friday afternoon through Sunday evening. FREE gifts are given on Sunday as a token of Barbara’s appreciation of your commitment.

All workshops include a copy of her book, Angel Works, and are open for questions and answer.


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