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Transcending Mind, Body and Spirit, Barbara offers Counseling, Coaching, and Mentorship over phone and in house for your personal development and Spiritual Journey. Her mentorship programs start  at 6 months and run up to 18 months. Programs focus on well-being, spirituality, sexuality, communication, and intimacy.


Because mental and emotional effort is required, you need to be emotionally stable.

Be willing to invest time, effort and resources. This is an active, engaged process.

How Barbara is different

She uses strategies that assist you in meeting your needs 

Intentional Questioning inside and outside your comfort zone

Puts you in a place for you to face your fears and the one’s you don’t know you have; such as deep insecurities that hold you back

Merges both spiritual and clinical therapies

With a Doctorate in Counseling through Dowell Institute Theological Seminary as well as having a certification in Christian Coaching with Dowell, she is able to help others in their life that covers crucial aspects of one’s relationship such as communication. Many have been assisted by Barbara over the years. Her inspiring and motivating words will guide you in your life journey when you choose one of her coaching, counseling, or mentorship programs. 

Barbara is also a member of the American Institute of Holistic Health and Wellness. 

From 2009-2016 she was under the teachings of an indigenous American Indian Shaman/Spiritual teacher. These teachings have gone in depth specifically concerning the interconnection of sexuality and spirituality. 

In addition, Barbara is a Torchbearer under The I AM Teachings. Last but not least, she utilizes teachings from The Spiritual Science Research Foundation. 

She believes helping people deconstruct dis-empowering beliefs, embrace healthier beliefs, create and keep new healthy behavioral patterns, is key for change.


One email $25

Ask one brief but detailed question 

Pay BELOW using Pay Pal button. Once payment is made fill out contact form with your question and Barbara will answer ASAP. Have a question contact her now through contact page. 

Email Coaching

Love and Blessings

Life & Relationship Coaching

 1 hr One on One Life and Relationship Coaching – in house or over phone. 

one month life relationship coaching

INCLUDES: Daily, weekly and monthly goals

One on One weekly sessions: phone (USA ONLY) or Skype for 1 hr

Barbara’s book, Angel Works , provides those greater advantage for healing. Consider purchasing a copy.


6, 12 and 18 month programs. Subject matter includes but not limited to the following:

Sensuality               Women’s Menses             Self Pleasure        Falling in Love with Self

Mindful Eating             Exercise             Meditation           Communication           Chakras

Why men crave women        Spiritual Truths/Universal Law

Mentorship includes:

Weekly 1hr One on One sessions – phone and/or Skype

Two emails a week

Daily texts, quotes, exercises for accountability for your physical, mental, and emotional life

One goal of the relationship is for the protégée to be empowered and guided without being pressed into the mentor’s image. It is best the mentor has an ongoing relationship with their higher power, emotional transparency, and a sense of humor. 

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