Traditional Massage

All work is done intuitively!


1 hr and 90 min

Very common form of massage for basic relaxation. Effleurage/Gliding strokes are used to warm the muscle before any pressure strokes. Soothing relaxing general massage. Light to medium pressure.

Deep Tissue

1 hr and 90 min

Benefits the body to help alleviate pain, soreness, tightness and tension within muscle tissue. Includes stretching.

Spirit Massage

1 hr and 90 min

Esalen in style. Invokes a very soothing and rythmic approach to massage, using long, flowing full body strokes. A very intuitive session. A quick favorite once experienced. The body is worked as a whole. Not only is a physical connection made, but an energetic connection between therapist and client and often a Spiritual connection between a client and themselves. Using intuition and creativity, this soothing bodywork emphasizes nurturing and empathy, creating deeper states of relaxation. The continuous flow of this massage will enhance intuition, magnify the senses and communicate with your entire being. Feel the stress melt away as the healing mechanisms of the body begin to dominate, helping you to find inner peace and harmony.

This video is Miss Rose explaining all of her services and includes giving Todd Ruckle a taste of what her Spirit/Eslaen massage feels like. Listen all the way through to hear his reaction!! 

Thai Bodywork

90 min

Performed on floor on a mat specifically constructed for Thai Yoga Bodywork. This style involves client lying on floor in a passive state. The practitioner leads the stretching while the recipient remains in a passive state. Many of the stretches involve holding and pressing patterns. This style of massage allows the practitioner to work many areas of the body and as such releases you physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is an amazing piece of art virtually anyone can receive. Performed with clothes on.

Nuad Borarn (Thai-Yoga Massage) is viewed as a martial art of healing and is reported  to manifest instant positive results. In Thailand, Bodywork is utilized medicinally as a cherished and revered indulgence to remedy the prominent social ailments such as emotional stress and physical inertia. Thai-Yoga sessions inspire the soul and tranquilize the body.

Customarily, a Thai-Yoga Massage there is a surrendering release which allows deeper and deeper physical and mental ‘openings’. Flowing rhythmic compressions using the feet, knees, palms, elbows, forearms and fingers are blended with exotic stretching positions known as asanas and disciplined breath control known as pranayama, effectively producing a balanced and harmonious symbiotic communication integrating the body’s vital systems, including mechanical – musculoskeletal, electrical-neural, chemical-glandular.

Couples Divine Touch Massage Class

2 hrs

This class is devoted to enabling and empowering couples to reach levels of Spirituality and sensuality within a committed, monogamous relationship.

What is taught

Basic Massage Strokes

How to use light, medium and heavier pressure

How to use your forearms in massage

How to gently touch your partner’s head, hands, fingers, feet and toes

How to use body to body contact

How to bring your partner’s energy up and down the body

How to Visualize

How you will benefit

Closer bond with partner

Learn about self

Learn more about your partner

Awareness of senses

Enhances a spiritual connection

Awakens deeper desires within yourself

Awakens deeper desires within your mate

Awakens sensual desire

Teaches massage strokes safe for anyone to do

This class is for anyone interested in learning how to perform massage on your partner.  This class will teach you how to give and receive touch.

Class takes place at Barara’s location in a relaxed, private setting.

to receive the most information on how to learn Miss Rose’s Divine Touch Massage, we strongly suggest signing up for her Divine Touch weekend retreat.  click here for further information.  class and retreat is for couples only.

Welcome New Clients!

New Clients receive $15 off their first session. Credit card payments incur a 3% fee. Minimum credit card purchase is $20.

  • Gift Certificates Available upon request
  • Will be emailed within 24 hrs


Recieve $20 off (veteran ID required)

Add CBD oil to any massage for an additional $5

Add CBD pain gel to any massage for an additional $5

Add CBD oil and pain gel to any massage for an additional $8

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