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 Miss Rose explains her many services in this video. Includes giving Todd Ruckle what her Spirit massage feels like. Listen all the way through to hear his reaction!! 

Some info on Thai Bodywork

Performed on floor on a mat specifically constructed for Thai Yoga Bodywork. This style involves client lying on mat in a passive state. The practitioner leads the stretching while the recipient remains in a passive state. Many of the stretches involve holding and pressing patterns. This style of massage allows the practitioner to work many areas of the body and as such, releases one from physical, emotional and mental distress. It is an amazing piece of art virtually anyone can receive. Performed with clothes on.

Nuad Borarn (Thai-Yoga Massage) is viewed as a martial art of healing and is reported  to manifest instant positive results. In Thailand, bodywork is utilized medicinally as a cherished and revered indulgence to remedy the prominent social ailments such as emotional stress and physical inertia. Thai-Yoga sessions inspire the soul and tranquilize the body.

Customarily, a Thai-Yoga Massage there is a surrendering release which allows deeper and deeper physical and mental ‘openings’. Flowing rhythmic compressions using the feet, knees, palms, elbows, forearms and fingers are blended with exotic stretching positions known as asanas and disciplined breath control known as pranayama, effectively producing a balanced and harmonious symbiotic communication integrating the body’s vital systems, including mechanical – musculoskeletal, electrical-neural, and chemical-glandular.

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Massage therapies

This is your chance to relax, chill out and enjoy the comforting services of Barbara’s massage therapies. Pick from a wide range of alternative treatments and massages.


All in 60 & 90 min


Deep Tissue

Spirit (similar to Esalen)

Thai Bodywork

Divine Touch

Divine Touch Therapy is a combination of massage and energy work, specifically in the releasing of traumas we all incur throughout our life. Combine this style of healing massage with Barbara’s Coaching packages. 90 min recommended for 1st session


Whichever style of massage you decide upon, rest assured we will give our 100% best to help you feel safe, secure, and relaxed.

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Massage therapies

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