Individualized Couples 

 This is for those who have come to a breaking point where each person in the relationship understands that they need help from outside. And in so, they search online for someone to help them. Each person knows they will need to face self in order to help themselves and their partner. To not look at the retreat as a means for Barbara to ‘make’ other person change without they themselves wanting to change. One must come for self and the relationship rather than to fix their partner. For example; someone has cheated and both want to work at gaining trust back so that they can live together harmoniously. This retreat involves a considerable amount of talk and touch therapy.



Miss Rose’s individualized couples retreats. Touch Therapy can include a variety of modalities based upon what is addressed with Barbara in retreat. For example: polarity, deep tissue, energy work, massage.

When you decide to seek Miss Rose’s help she will help you face your fears and fears you may not know you have in order for you, the couple, can move through and FIX THEM. This retreat is meant to be very intense. It is important to face our own worst fears about self if we truly want to understand what is going on in our relationships. In turn, we gain the power to change. Barbara is there to push, guide and support. 

Flexible on start/end time. 

Couples will find themselves excited, eager, and determined to embrace change! If what you reading resonates contact Barbara NOW!

Sexuality and Intimacy

Sexuality and Intimacy Retreat 

Hey you couples!! Are you missing intimacy in your life? Are you a man that feels like he’s dying on the inside because your wife isn’t hugging, cuddling, or kissing you, doesn’t want or even care to have sex with you?! There IS an underlying cause!!

Women, do you feel alone because your needs aren’t being met? Has your husband stopped listening to you? There IS a reason.

It’s important to talk about what’s happening and what’s NOT happening. Barbara helps couples in all kinds of situations but it’s sad that some aren’t willing to break down out of their ego (yes women, you too). It’s important for us to be willing and ready to face our fears or else success won’t happen. Is success what YOU want? Seek Barbara’s help by registering today.

We will delve deep into sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and lack of intimacy. We will learn about it from a psychological and energetic level. Barbara will help you assess your needs individually and as a couple.

Sexuality and Intimacy is often misunderstood due to the bombardment of the way media proliferates it. Body language, music, art, dance, touch and voice communication are taught and experienced during this retreat to enhance intimacy with your partner. Various meditations will help couple access their full power.

Relational Communication

Relational Communication Retreat

Whether it is the need to up the notch or an all out HELP ME PLEASE, Miss Rose is here to help you throw the facades away, center into your heart where you hold care and compassion. A lot of people have forgotten to be honest. We have to be honest with our self first. Miss Rose can help find it for you, with you. We can have a difference of opinion that IS in Harmony. Our point is not the only one just because it’s our idea. We need to allow the other to have a perspective other than our own. When we resolve we then have wholeness. Don’t become attached or entertained to the other’s wrongs or your grievances. Stop the self-illusion.

Miss Rose will help you stop the arguments, grievances, and wrong doings; from what each person says, their tone of voice, body language, eye movement.

This retreat is specific on how you relate to others while still holding true to who you really are.

Divine Touch Massage

Divine Touch Massage Retreat

Miss Rose is hands on teaching about the energy systems in our bodies, called chakras. This will help you tap, tune, and turn them on. Orgasmic energy can move through one’s body by touching any part of the body. Not just the genitalia. In this retreat Barbara teaches couples how to give and receive mutual touch in a respectful, honoring way. Meditations throughout that puts couple in a relaxed state for retaining information that is taught while learning and practicing massage techniques. Such as learning on how to perform body to body rubs. This is much deeper than teaching a couple how to massage one another. Rather it is teaching on how each person can give to another through the act of touch.

Examples of what is taught.

    • Chakras. How they can affect you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. How the chakras communicate to you through the body and how couple can use them as your teacher and healer
    • Light, medium, firm massage strokes
    • Using other parts of our body to massage
    • Communication Styles
    • Body to body rubs
    • Meditation
    • Awareness
    • The power of men and woman
    • Myths surrounding sex and God
    • Myths around Spirituality and God

Miss Rose’s book, Angel Works, is included in all retreats.

Couples retreats

Come and learn to grow, open your mind for change that will transform your life!

  • Be the star you were born to be!

Divine touch massage retreat


This retreat will ignite the powers within you. The positive changes that can affect your life by attending this retreat will impact your life in extraordinary ways.

Miss Rose will teach you how to give and receive massage to your partner.


Relational Communication retreat


“He/She done me wrong!?” Do you find yourself at odds with others?  Are you simply not talking anymore? DO you want to?

Don’t become attached or entertained to the other’s wrongs or your grievances. Stop the self-illusion.

sexuality intimacy retreat

Are you missing intimacy in your life? Do you feel like you’re dying on the inside because your partner isn’t hugging, cuddling, and kissing you, doesn’t want or even care to have sex with you?! There IS an underlying cause!!

Do you feel alone because your needs aren’t being met? Has your partner stopped being intimate with you? There IS a reason! There is always a reason. Like really talk honestly and openly?

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