Goddess of the rose
Spiritual and emotional healing
My name is Barbara Anne Rose. This website was created to bring some of the most all around intensive weekend workshops for men and couples.


Workshops for Men, Women, and Couples

Intimacy, Sexuality, and Spirituality are becoming increasingly more important in people’s lives. With the bombardment of technology people have lost sight of what really matters. Life is troublesome, mothers and fathers fatigued, working endless hours to pay bills, helping ill family members, and traveling often. Barbara Anne Rose created her weekend retreats, coaching and counseling to help individuals have a better understanding of their overall health; including a look into addictions*, holistic alternatives and physical fitness. Take a look at her retreat overview.

Barbara is available coast to coast for colleges, universities, places of worship, corporations, businesses of all kinds, holistic and retreat centers for either 2 or 3 day retreats. See services page here. 

If you are a part of an organization that wishes to bring her into your space please contact her through this website and we will follow up as promptly as possible.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions often are held inside, never being expressed to their partner. There are countless reasons for this. If we are not fully expressing with love, compassion, and truth, relationships drift away and may fall apart, leading to separation and divorce.

The services Barbara offers for men, women, and couples is for the express purpose of helping them heal and/or enhance their relationship with self and with their loved ones. This in turn creates a fulfilling life.

*Barbara Anne Rose is not a clinical psychologist. Her services are meant for informational purposes and left for those seeking her help, to change their own lives, because they are ready to. 

You can reach Miss Rose at 410-441-1030. Please be aware that due to spam, scammers, marketing businesses that want to solicit, she does not answer calls that are unknown or unfamiliar. This is why it is important to leave a message. Then she knows you are real and she will gladly return your call as soon as she is able. Thank you for understanding.


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