Volunteer: Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care

I’m in the beginning process of being trained as a volunteer for Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care. There are 18 modules one needs to go through to become a volunteer.

Both my parents were on hospice in their last physical  days on Earth. My father’s passing December of 2010 and my mother’s passing January of 2018.
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Couples Retreats to enhance their spiritual and sensual side!

Miss Rose’s space is settled in a peaceful serene setting by a lake. The tranquility of the area will have you relaxing before entering Barbara Anne Rose’s space. Within these retreats Barbara offers the couple no need to worry about anything as room and board is included.

Talk and touch therapy will be a daily practice in an individualized couple’s retreat. Talk therapy revolves around discussing anything that is distressing the couple. Sexuality, sensuality, sexual issues, communication, and more are common topics discussed. Touch therapy includes a combination of Barbara’s massage services.

Male Society at Large

There are times in this work, actually to many times, I am finding men simply do not know how to interact with the female population, let alone a female professional.

Dear God, I pray for men to WAKE UP!!!! I never thought I would have to actually teach a male how to treat another female (me included of course because that is where I draw my major experiences) how to speak with respect and professionalism towards me and other professional women. I am open to admit: I GET TIRED OF IT. Seriously. There shouldn’t even be the need to have this BLOG, this discussion….at all. But it is sad, because it is true. This, in fact, is something extremely important that needs to be said.

The majority of men HAVE NO BALLS! The only balls they seem to care about are the one’s between their legs and the tiny third eye pineal gland in between their eyes. Everyone has two eyes to see and two ears to hear. But you gotta actually use them! You have to think of the other person you are talking to when you open your mouth.

MEN: when you talk to a professional it’s your duty to speak to them professionally. She is not your girlfriend, your wife, your mistress, your whatever. Speaking to a professional woman is NOT the place to be using words like:




Hey Sexy

Your hot

Can you send me pictures

Believe me, I’m not the only professional woman or massage therapist that experiences such immature behavior from the opposite sex. And you men wonder why your girlfriend/wife/partner turns against the entire male population and seeks a  female companion. So many times, over time, (because time does tell the truth and character of a person), men who think they know how to respect women, don’t know. So to say the least, coming across a real gentleman who does have real respect for women, is rare! I’m going to be conservative and give a percentage based on the USA, because this is the land in which I live, 10 -15 % of men have a real respect for women. That’s 85 – 90% that don’t. I have heard from my married women clients explain experiences that happen in their marriage which give way to their husband not being respectful towards them. Even when a couple is married, it doesn’t give the man ownership of their wife to do whatever he wants with no regard as to what or how his wife’s wants, needs, desires are. No still means NO; married, boyfriend/girlfriend, or not. Respect is respect at all times. Not just when the male feels like it. And most definitely it’s not when the male is pushing his dick up her butt or grabbing her by the waist from behind and grinding your pelvis into her. THATS NOT RESPECT!

Marriage is about partnership. Not ownership. She is not your slave. She is not your hired cook or cleaner. When you sign that piece of paper that says your married it’s not a paper signing “Now you’re mine and I get to do whatever I want to you.” Nor is it a subtle kind of ownership where you, the male, may think, the male’s word goes and the woman’s doesn’t. Partnership actually requires two people communicating over all things that can impact the marriage, the relationship. However one shouldn’t have to ‘get permission’ to do something or go somewhere. But I think it’s good manners to let your mate know at the very least, “Honey, I’m going to the food store. I’ll be back in about 2 hrs. Is there anything you need?”

I’m here as a Life Relationship Coach to teach men exactly what to do and not do when it comes to learning how to love, honor, and respect a woman. Please don’t assume you know-how guys. I heard a long time ago, from a man by the way, that the man needs to be taught by a woman how to treat a woman in this way. Too many times the females in that male child’s life, wasn’t there or didn’t teach him proper ways to treat a female.

Sooooo, don’t forget I, Barbara Anne Rose, IS actually here to help you!!


Ego and Lack of Growth in the Male Species

Ego and the lack of growth in the male species.

Why is it that men feel the need to hold on so tight to their egos? I have a few thoughts on this.

  1. Men’s fears of expressing self (this is huge)
  2. The innate of the need to protect self (ego)
  3. Fear of looking vulnerable/weak
  4. The worlds idea(s) of what a man looks like and their need to follow a world’s ideals

When men have these fears, known or unknown, they will inevitably hurt others, but the ONE person they hurt the most is their own self merely due to they simply refuse to allow to set aside their ego. This makes it extremely difficult to help them. Especially in an emotionally and Spiritual way. It doesn’t matter where one goes, who one sees, if one doesn’t receive healing from the emotional and spiritual aspect, one wont have ever lasting true change. The ego will still be there in one form or another. To live a fulfilling life, and I mean really fulfilling life filled with love, honor, respect, and truth at the center of our entire being, we need to have focus at the Spiritual and Emotional levels. THATS EVERLASTING! And THE ONLY WAY to everlasting change, in this life and beyond.

I’m on the man’s side when it comes to helping them beat whatever it is they need to conquer. I have the ability, care, and compassion and knowledge to help assist others, (men included) change!! I am much more than a massage therapist. My expertise is in the Spiritual. It is in feeling, sensing ones’s energy. Even the energy of the individual they would be talking about while in session. Of course this can depend on truthful they are being about what they discuss with me concerning other party. If they are allowing their own ego to get in the way (not speaking full truth of how THEY FEEL not just on what other person said or did), then we can get somewhere with me helping them. At the same time, if I’m going to assign homework to do to help them get from point A to point B, then it is important one follows through with advice. If one does not follow through with said advice, they have themselves to blame and no one else.

Men, if you want help in your relationships you must, absolutely must, open your heart and speak from it honestly. There is no other way to do it other then by doing that. If one partner has fear talking to their own partner then there something wrong here. Real relationships are open relationships where there is discussion about anything and everything so that the relationship can grow, thrive, and prosper. This does not have to be a never ending battle for you men. Times it feels for me

In Love and Light with Respect

Barbara Anne Rose


Trusting others is not something one should expect. Trust is earned, not matter what kind of relationship you have. It can be a relationship a parent has with their child, child with parent, a business associate, friend, lover, confidant. The ultimate one any one of us needs to put our trust in, is the higher power we believe in. THAT’S where it truly belongs. Anyone or anything outside of that must work to gain the trust of another. Period! It would be inappropriate to say to another or expect from another, for them to trust us (or vice versa) based on one meeting, one session, one phone call. If you do, then go inside to what your gut is telling you. If and when you have any questions or concerns about it, sit back taking some time to think about the situation as well as the person giving you the information.

When we deal with other businesses, allowing a reasonable amount of time, such as anywhere between 24 – 72 hrs is sufficient. Keep in mind 24 -72 hrs is their business hours, not days. When I work with individuals or couples, I like to be upfront with what to expect, or not expect, as it comes to how I run my business. In my eyes, proper protocol concerning getting back with someone, be it business to business, client with therapist, or student with coach, is the amount of up to three days. I also go further by expressing if they do not hear back form me within that time, to please call again. Or email again. I am open to receiving their input. I want to hear from my people no matter what question, concern, issue, they have. It is better, (and healthier by the way) to voice yourself by making your thoughts known. We all know no one can read all of our thoughts, so better to voice them then leave your voice unattended. Sometimes when we don’t voice, we will build resentment towards the other person. We may feel guilt or shame about our own selves thinking we didn’t have the right to say what we wanted to say.

When we love us, it is a good thing to voice our self.

In the Relational Communication Workshop I offer, these are things we go over. Bring your thoughts, concerns, issues, to me and I will help you widen your thought process around what is holding you back. We can discuss what you think you may be holding you back. I can help you discover what else may possibly be holding you back from moving forward to discuss subject matters close to your heart. I also help others change the way they think about words, and how the words they may be using is part cause of why they are where they are.

Visit my YouTube Channel YouTube. When you click link it will direct you to one of my most recent interviews with CUTV News.

I wish you blessings beyond belief!

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

CUTV News Radio Show

Radio Interview with Doug Lewellen this past Monday on February 6, 2017 at 1 PM was a blast. Click here to hear all the juicy details on why and how I created The Space Between The Thorns, my coaching, mentoring and workshop retreats.

Giving live examples of potential relationship issues, what to look for, how to handle them, are we discussing our thoughts about what we want, desire, like in our relationships. Our sexual likes, embracing our sexuality and sensuality. How we have the link inside us all to express our truth.

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

CUTVNEWS Press Release Feb 2, 2017

I have been working with CUTVNEWS for the past month in preparation for tomorrows Press Release, releasing February 2, 2017.

There will be two blog talk radio show Interviews. First one will be Monday February 6th at 1pm EST. Second interview will be Monday February 13th at 1pm EST. I will be discussing several topics surrounding relationships, intimacy, my coaching and workshop retreats, as well as plans of my goals of working in the entertainment industry as their go to Spiritual Healer, performing on stage my unique Divine Touch Massage, and lastly an exercise program I am creating specialized for women.

Click here for preview of PressRelease 

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Workshops-Enhance YOUR life

I have been involved and working in the health field for over 40 years. My passion began in being healthy when I was six years old. During my teenage years and my young adult hood, even through my pregnancies health was my top priority. Health for my children was a top priority. Health for my family was a top priority.

I also have been gifted with many gifts such as my spiritual gifts. I’ve been able to see, hear, feel, and know things from the other side. My first book titled, Angel Works, talks specifically on my ups and downs, the sexual abuse from my father and the domestic violence from my ex-husband. As I continued to grow, (and want to grow), these spiritual gifts have only become more heightened along the way. These gifts actually saved me. Saved myself to have the courage to stand up to my ex-husband and get out. The whole story is in the book if you have interest in reading that. But I just wanted to give you some background on who I am and what I am about.
When I work, no matter what capacity that is, I will always use my spiritual gifts. I am sure many out there do use their spiritual gifts personally and professionally but are we speaking this? I have no hesitation in speaking about my spiritual gifts. I use them in my massage therapy. I use them in my coaching services. I use them in my workshops. I use them when I am mentoring someone. I use them when I help them with finding the right essential oil to heal their physical and emotional bodies.

Above discusses about the three weekend retreats I offer. They are held from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. Room and board covered. FREE GIFTS given on Sunday. The three workshops are:
Relational communication
Sexual/intimacy issues
Spiritual Sensual massage

On the bottom of each page you will find links to all services and products I offer. I am also a doTerra distributor and a beach body coach.
If you have questions or ideas that you would like to propose on this forum please do not hesitate to do that. I look forward to them.
Intimacy Counseling, Coaching, Delaware Relationship Coach | Newark, DE
The Space Between the Thorns provides intensive weekend workshops for men, woman and couples, in Newark, DE.

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Transformational Coaching

I AM DIFFERENT. I know this because I know me but I also know this because after the years of massaging people, I have been told by them that I am different. My hands, my voice, my body, is used to heal others. All in my own special, unique way. I Love seeing the effects it not just has on my clients, but the effect it can have on me as well. You can not know beauty without FEELING it. To feel is to know. To know is to feel. The only way to KNOW me, is to feel me. The only way to feel me, is to know me. AHH, the wonder and beauty of TANTRA. IT IS A LIFESTYLE. NOT JUST AN ACT. This western society so often fucks up what real life and living is about. Very backwards culture. Many do not understand sexuality and sensuality at it’s fullest vibration.

Sign up for one of my weekend retreats or my transformational coaching sessions listed on www.goddessoftherose.com 


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose