Cartier Video – integrative trauma healing

There is much to interpret about this Cartier video. Sensually, sexually, emotionally, and even Spiritually. I invite you to write your feedback. I included my interpretations.

I watched this four times because there was so much! First of all I was getting chills from the get-go. It was very magical. When the leopard started waking up and when it burst through the cage, coming alive/waking up I saw and felt so much power and strength from the leopard. When he broke through the glass I sensed freedom. Freedom from being trapped inside his jeweled shell and then freedom from being stuck in the building. The leopard, it appeared he was looking and traveling instinctively of where he knew he needed to go. The watcher listens and watches in anticipation. Maybe even thinking. “Where is he going?” “What is his destination and why?”

I then see him run through the rings he must go through. He meets a dragon. Is the dragon his friend or enemy? Is the dragon being his friend and guiding him to where he needed to go? Like a Spirit guide perhaps? Until after I watched this a few times I realized the dragon was the golden bridge. It seemed like the dragon and the leopard were speaking telepathically to one another. The leopard was traveling from place to place; on the dragon, to the elephant with the castle on his back, jumping on the plane and then to the Cartier building, going somewhere he KNEW he needed to go. I could feel the energy inside the leopard. His sense of smell stronger and stronger leading him, telling him he is so close.

It was very sensual and erotic. It seemed like the panther was doing everything and anything to get where he needed to go. I noticed also when the leopard was looking down into the castle he seemed in awe. I noticed the peacock opened its wings. The panther seemed in awe when he arrived at the castle knowing that his beloved is there waiting for him. When they finally meet and embrace, it is in their essences that they each knew they would be together forever. I could tell that she was waiting for him and he was waiting to find her. The leopard was led every step of the way to reach her and be with her. In the end they walked into the box, as one, united, to be with each other forever.

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Author of Angel Workks

Tantra Massages…….What are they?

Tantra is a term many do not understand. It is often thought of as a sexual encounter. They way I describe Tantra is similar to massage. There are hundreds of massage modalities from the most basic form of massage, Swedish to rolfing. Deep tissue, sports massage and cranial sacral are other modalities often associated with massage. Many are unaware that Thai Yoga body work is also a form of massage. Just as there is hot and cold stone massage, Tui Nu massage and Nuru massage to name a few. Hundreds of types of massage from many countries. And so it with Tantra. There is Tantra massage and there is Tantra sex. A broad range in difference. Within Tantra there are several ways one can go about receiving Tantra. Cuddling is considered a Tantra modality. Eye gazing is used in Tantra. Different ceremonies included can be a bath ceremony or shower worship. The yab yum is a position one associates with tantra. Combining modalities such as eye gazing and yab yum together is powerful. It creates physical touch and soul partnership in one. Truth lies in one’s souls that ascend through the body out into the eyes. When you look long enough into the eyes of another you can see their truth. You may find love. You may find fear. You may find doubt, worry and empathy. But remember, as you are looking into their eyes, they are also looking into yours!!

In Tantra, at least it is in the work I do, when I am with someone weather it be with one of my clients or my beloved, it is spaces I create. The way in which I create spaces is by me giving myself in such a way that allows my clients to become more comfortable with me. When they feel more comfortable with me it is easier for them to let go. It is easier for my clients to be open. When they are in a space (my physical space) that feels comfortable and safe, that person automatically is able to be more open. A space for openness allows MORE spaces of openness.

When we feel safe and secure (non-threatehend) we give more of ourselves freely. We may give more freely with our bodies. We may give more freely with our words. When we are able to give more freely with our bodies and words we (here we go again) we create spaces for even more to happen. The safer we feel the more we are able to give. The more we are able to receive. Look to receive. Don’t look to get. Look to give your love. Not to take love. It is better to give in a receiving mode than to take in a getting mode.

May you be free today in your mind, body and Spirit.

Much Love and Light to you,

Author of Angel Works

Barbara Anne Rose