CUTVNEWS Press Release Feb 2, 2017

I have been working with CUTVNEWS for the past month in preparation for tomorrows Press Release, releasing February 2, 2017.

There will be two blog talk radio show Interviews. First one will be Monday February 6th at 1pm EST. Second interview will be Monday February 13th at 1pm EST. I will be discussing several topics surrounding relationships, intimacy, my coaching and workshop retreats, as well as plans of my goals of working in the entertainment industry as their go to Spiritual Healer, performing on stage my unique Divine Touch Massage, and lastly an exercise program I am creating specialized for women.

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In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Workshops-Enhance YOUR life

I have been involved and working in the health field for over 40 years. My passion began in being healthy when I was six years old. During my teenage years and my young adult hood, even through my pregnancies health was my top priority. Health for my children was a top priority. Health for my family was a top priority.

I also have been gifted with many gifts such as my spiritual gifts. I’ve been able to see, hear, feel, and know things from the other side. My first book titled, Angel Works, talks specifically on my ups and downs, the sexual abuse from my father and the domestic violence from my ex-husband. As I continued to grow, (and want to grow), these spiritual gifts have only become more heightened along the way. These gifts actually saved me. Saved myself to have the courage to stand up to my ex-husband and get out. The whole story is in the book if you have interest in reading that. But I just wanted to give you some background on who I am and what I am about.
When I work, no matter what capacity that is, I will always use my spiritual gifts. I am sure many out there do use their spiritual gifts personally and professionally but are we speaking this? I have no hesitation in speaking about my spiritual gifts. I use them in my massage therapy. I use them in my coaching services. I use them in my workshops. I use them when I am mentoring someone. I use them when I help them with finding the right essential oil to heal their physical and emotional bodies.
Above discusses about the three weekend retreats I offer. They are held from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. Room and board covered. FREE GIFTS given on Sunday. The three workshops are:
Relational communication
Sexual/intimacy issues
Spiritual Sensual massage

On the bottom of each page you will find links to all services and products I offer. I am also a doTerra distributor and a beach body coach.
If you have questions or ideas that you would like to propose on this forum please do not hesitate to do that. I look forward to them.
Intimacy Counseling, Coaching, Delaware Relationship Coach | Newark, DE
The Space Between the Thorns provides intensive weekend workshops for men, woman and couples, in Newark, DE.

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Transformational Coaching

I AM DIFFERENT. I know this because I know me but I also know this because after the years of massaging people, I have been told by them that I am different. My hands, my voice, my body, is used to heal others. All in my own special, unique way. I Love seeing the effects it not just has on my clients, but the effect it can have on me as well. You can not know beauty without FEELING it. To feel is to know. To know is to feel. The only way to KNOW me, is to feel me. The only way to feel me, is to know me. AHH, the wonder and beauty of TANTRA. IT IS A LIFESTYLE. NOT JUST AN ACT. This western society so often fucks up what real life and living is about. Very backwards culture. Many do not understand sexuality and sensuality at it’s fullest vibration.

Sign up for one of my weekend retreats or my transformational coaching sessions listed on 


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Let’s Take a Look at Words

Outside of using words to express ourselves, have you ever thought of words? The word itself? To look at it. To feel it. To hear it? Have you ever even thought to see words from a different angle and perspective? Words can be a funny thing! Ha ha he he. We use them to make jokes. We use them to play games. We use them when we grimace our face and say silly and weird things. We play with words. We fight with words. We make love with words. Words can be our greatest ally and our biggest enemy. How do we use words in our day to day life? At home? At work? With our children? With our friends? Our spouses? Do you have a different facial expression based on who and what you are saying? Have you taken a closer look at who these people are and what the circumstances are around the scenario? Maybe we’ll laugh at ourself when we realize how insane we can sometimes be. OR how insanely funny we can be.

I enjoy looking at life, at things from a different angle than I’m normally looking at. It’s refreshing to get of myself and see things in a different light. Even if when I see things in a different light that may not show its light on my personality as being “good”. We all have our “good” and “bad” side to us. The dark and the light. The ying and the yang.

Soooo……without further ado, let me show you a word or two and what I have noticed. Let’s take a look at the word LIVE. Did you know that the word live spelled backwards is EVIL? Interesting. I wonder why. Have you ever thought why this may be so? Here’s my take. When we come into this life, live it, we come across evil things. Sometimes we come across evil people. For sure, we hear about evil things on the news. But do you really think (I doubt it) that to lie life, we’re supposed to be succumbed to evil things? I’m not writing this article to put a dampen on anyones’ life. I’m just stating what I’ve noticed. That this word “LIVE” is spelled “EVIL” backwards. It just makes me think about the word as a whole.

Now let’s take a look at the word LOVE. Love isn’t a full word spelled backwards but this is what we’ve got; EVOL. I took it upon myself to add 2 letters at the end of this word. But these two letters are still a part of the word. These letters are “e”and “v”. As you can see they are at the front of the word. Let’s take these two letters and flip them adding them to the end of the word. Now here we have the word EVOLVE. For sure I would trust that all of us are evolving as we go through life. As we live life. We can evolve through the evils that may come our way or even if we ourselves have caused harm to others. Evil, in my opinion is a hard word for people to accept. It sounds so harsh. Even the word evil sounds evil. It probably may bring forth thoughts that are not pleasant about another person or ourself. We all know we are not perfect. Being not perfect doesn’t mean we’re evil people. If we are evolving are we also at the same time raising our vibrations? When we evolve are we growing as individuals? Moving past things that no longer serve us? What does the word LOVE and EVOLVE mean to you? What do you feel, see, hear, smell, and know as it concerns these two words?

E – Enlighten

V – Victory

O – Organize

L – Love

V – Victim

E – Expand

As we enlighten ourselves we claim victory of the old. And so we will choose to organize our life in way that matches. We will then love ourself more, not victimize self then grow to expand to a higher place. And the circle continues to turn. Enlighten more. Reach another level of victory. Organize again. Love again. Realize a victim mentality and choose to expand from that again. And so on and so on. Such as life. Such as to live in this embodiment of a physical body. Constantly in LIVE mode. Constantly in EVOLVE mode.


In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose


Spiritual Sensual Massages

Spiritual Sensual Massages

I have found through working with men, many really do not know what this means or entails. It’s so much more than having sexual intercourse. It’s more than just giving a massage. It’s a combination of all of who we are:






When we are able to utilize all parts of us in our unions we feel our energies in a higher place, from a higher place. But ignorer to do this, we need to tap in, tune in, to self. Toffee and see ourselves as Spiritual beings in a human body and our bodies being the way they are, it’s natural for us to come together in sexual intercourse. We need to step back away from this type of thinking so we can embrace who we are. All aspects of self. When we are able to “get out of ourselves” and back “into us” we then can experience these higher energies; with self and with our partner(s). A massage starts way before any actual touching takes place. It starts in the mind, with our thoughts. This is where our creative energies begin. Thought to words, to action to destiny. And YES, even within a massage. We also need to get out of the word itself “sensual” as f its a sexual experience. Sensuality is big! From a hand gesture to a light kiss on the cheek to a gentle touch from a hand onto the inner thigh.

I teach all about these things within my Spiritual Sensual Massage workshops.

I trust you will find all of my workshops helpful to you. That they will enlighten you, open your mind to think about this in a while new light.

Till next time!!

In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose



A glimpse of what and how my spirit animals will assit you in the workshops I offer. Spiritual and Emotional Healing will undoubtedly take place. When the student is ready the teacher appears. Are you ready?!

Black Panther Spirit Animal

Raven Spirit Animal

In love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Our Sixth Sense

Our sixth sense. We all have them. But are we using them in our life? Are we using them in our life to make better decisions? Do we use our six sense to help others in their life?

The six senses come from our Spirit. We are born with a Spirit being inside a physical body. Our five senses are:






Yes, we can access our sixth sense through all of our five senses. The sixth sense is when we can see, hear, feel, smell and taste from a higher level. A level that is unseen. When we have the Spiritual gift of sight, this means we can see energy from the spirit realm. When we have the Spiritual gift of hearing, we can hear from a higher level. When we have the Spiritual gift of smell we can smell from a higher realm. When we have the gift of touch, we touch from a higher realm. Usually along with the hearing, seeing, touching, etc. comes a feeling and/or knowing. Because when we have a feeling there’s a knowing to the feeling that rides within it.

The most common sixth senses are sight, touch and hearing. They are called Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience. Claircognizance is the meaning of knowingness. It is just known, so the person can be told exactly what they need to know. Clairalience is psychic smelling. It is a phenomenon where sensitive people can smell the odors of a person/entity who is not of the earth plane. Clairgustance is being aware of tastes. It is being aware of taste without putting anything physically in the mouth by perceiving the essence of a substance through taste from the spiritual or ethereal realms. The sensation of what one is tasting is often linked to a spirit on the other side.

The “claires” I have been able to tap into are sight (my dominate Spiritual gift), hearing and knowing. However I do experience other realities through touch. It shows itself as a tickling sensation on the body when connection with Spirit. This usually includes the face, hands, and neck. Also spirit scents which are often floral.

When you are aware of these things, your gift will grow and expand into the other senses. This is a good thing. The more you are able to tap in, tune in and turn on your entire life will grow. You will see lol things from a new perspective. You will see others in a new light. You will begin the process of knowing more about what life really is about. Your own personal life, the cosmos and so much more. Hopefully this will give you the tenacity to want to learn even more about the unseen Spiritual world. It is a beautiful place when you tap in to HIGHER realms. There are lower realms as well. But that is meant for a different article.


Be In Love and Light,

Barbara Anne Rose

Obtaining Knowledge

So you see, when you ask ‘How to I obtain the knowledge of God, how do I obtain the knowledge of liberation?’ all I can say is it’s the wrong question. Why do you want to obtain it? Because the very fact that you’re wanting to obtain it is the only thing that prevents you from getting there. You already have it. But of course, it’s up to you. It’s your privilege to pretend that you don’t. That’s your game; that’s your life game; that’s what makes you think you’re an ego. And when you want to wake up, you will, just like that. If you’re not awake, it shows you don’t want to. You’re still playing the hide part of the game. You’re still, as it were, the self pretending it’s not the self. And that’s what you want to do. So you see, in that way, too, you’re already there. Its called “The Nature of Consciousness” a lecture by Alan Watts. . . It’s real long.. if you dont want to read it all, pick any spot and it’ll satisfy your thirst for peace and knowing on this day. SMILE

In Love and Light,

Author Barbara Anne Rose

Mind Chatter – how do you cope?


I remember reading many years ago a book written by Charles Stanley. It was titled, “Cobwebs of the Mind.” There is one thing that really stuck out in my head. It is that all of us have the power within to change our thoughts. We can change our negative thoughts into positive ones. We can essentially, as Charles Stanley commented, re-wire them. This takes time.
Depending upon how long we have been suffering and what we are suffering from, can depend on how long it can take to re-wire our brains to think and believe the opposite.

If you are someone who has suffered sexual abuse from a family member for several years it may take several years to change our thoughts from hate to love. From feeling like we are less valued to someone who has a lot of value. To recognize that we are a valuable human being with many talents (yes, I truly believe all of us have many talents) to give in loving ways rather then feeling like we have nothing to give back to society. Many times with sexual abuse we lose ourselves. We start to think we have nothing and are nothing. That we are worthless and that the only thing we may feel we can offer is sex. I understand. I speak from experience. I once thought that way about myself.

I was a victim of sexual abuse at the pure young age of three. My body memories remembered abuse happening to me from three to five years of age. It wasn’t until at the age of 29 did these memories surface. My youngest child, a girl, (my other two children are boys) who was almost three at the time, is when these memories showed themselves to me. Being the type of person I am, I asked myself the question, “Why? What am I feeling? What is happening to me?” I knew enough to question. I asked myself to provide the answers.With the assistance of therapists, a few of them by the way, helped me help myself to re-wire my brain. It was damn tough but well worth every second. One of the things that I very much enjoyed was my walks outside. I loved the sun, the clouds, birds and all of the animals I saw as I went on my walks.

So…when we work on getting rid of our mind chatter, our brains are ready to receive answers. Looking outside of ourselves, such as nature, helps do this for us. I believe it helps us tap into our self, our soul, the spirit within us. But first we need to be open and willing to accept that there are answers in nature. Many could argue is it the brain, the body, the heart, the spirit that receives these answers given? What I say is that in order for one part of us to open up to our truth, all the other parts of us need to be open to receive. It is all connected. We are all connected. We connect to ourselves micro cosmically and we connect to the universe macro-cosmically.

A shift in energy is always followed by a change in our reality.

In Love and Light,

Author and Healer
Barbara Anne Rose