Intimacy, Sexuality, and Spirituality are becoming more and more important in people’s lives. With so much technology many have turned into zombies. Life may be troublesome, mothers and fathers fatigued, working endless hours to pay bills, helping ill family members, or travel often. Barbara Anne Rose created her weekend workshops for men, women and couples to help them have a better understanding of their sexual health, mental and emotional health, addictions*, holistic nutritional alternatives and even their physical fitness. We wish to help you enhance your relationships, build closer bonds, and create more fulfilling sexual, sensual and Spiritual lives.

*Barbara Anne Rose is not a clinical psychologist. Her services are meant to enhance people’s lives. 

Barbara is available coast to coast for colleges, universities, places of worship, corporations, businesses of all kinds, holistic and retreat centers for either 2 or 3 day retreats. If you are a part of an organization that wishes to bring her into your space please complete her contact form and we will follow up as promptly as possible.

Humans often live their lives in the past or future and not so much in the present. Many know the cliche, “To live in the present you must open the “present”. The “present” is in the here and now. To be in the flow, that peaceful natural harmony with all things. Nature does this. Animals do this. Humans are the only animal that has been given free will to choose what we want to accept or not accept. We are the ones who are fighting or loving, giving or taking. We are often at odds and out of the natural balance with ourselves and others when it appears things don’t go our way.

Think of it this way. We are all flowers. A rose has a stem, thorns along its stem and a flower at the end. Flowers have petals, some more than others. Flowers come in many shapes, sizes and colors like us. They are connected to Mother Earth, the Moon and Sun. We also need the sun. It gives us life. All things are created, live and thrive from energy. The Sun has an energy. The Moon has an energy. The Earth has an energy and no matter how much some of us would like to deny this energy, it IS.

Our life, our flower, have hurts, pains, traumas and go through challenging times. Some of us seem to have more than others. For the sake of giving an example, death of a loved one or receiving a life changing diagnosis, like cancer, would be very traumatizing. Something not quite as traumatic may be a broken relationship. However hopeless, however painful life may become, there is always a road that leads up. If we are like flowers then we have the capacity to also move ourselves to a higher place. The beginning of healing is first recognizing our pains. Once recognized we can move forward by taking action to help ourselves. Although difficult, it is the necessary first step in order for growth and healing to happen.

Upon our physical creation in utero a sperm traveled and found an egg. They met and created an embryo. The embryo grows into a fetus, a baby, a child, an adolescent, a young adult into a mature adult (we hope) to an older and aging person. Trauma (and all it takes is one) can forever change us. How we view and interpret these pains is another story. How are we dealing with them? How are we treating ourselves and others around us when we are suffering? Are we making choices to learn from our pains or stubbornly ignoring them, numbing them? Will we choose to learn from our mistakes and continue upward or cut ourselves down? Will we inflict our pains upon another when they make a mistake, a bad decision? This leads to judgement, how much judgement goes on?

Let Barbara Anne Rose help open all of you. 

Food for thought:

Those who are Christian know that a crown of thorns was placed on top of Jesus’ head. The struggles and pain that he endured serve as a living example and teach others about love and forgiveness. He died, was murdered, because of his teachings.

All of us have thorns. We cannot get away from them but we can love ourselves through difficult times. Jesus loved himself through difficult times. He loved others through their difficult times. Our God, whoever or whatever that looks like to you, speaks that love is within us. Jesus taught, “The answer lies WITHIN you.” There are many teachers of Truth. Jesus was one of them. In each religion you will find teachers. Our Chakras can be recognized and so utilized as our teachers. Each chakra can teach us about ourselves, how we relate to self, others, family, money, even our own emotions, and the entire Universal community. Our chakras, like flowers, can and will flourish to a peak when we work with them. Through that flourishing we open ourselves to greater Truths. How are you treating your chakras? How are you treating your mind, your spirit, your body?

She will provide you with a space between the thorns, a sanctuary of holistic wisdom, a safe place of openness, where healing begins. Love.

Seek the truth and the truth will trouble you, but through the trouble you will be set free. 

What are your thorns? Barbara Anne Rose will guide, inspire and motivate you. She wants you to be filled with great joy, and your life fulfilled and prosperous. Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you tired of going through the same motions over and over again still getting no solid results? The spaces are places where miracles happen!