You can reach Barbara at 410-441-1030. Please be aware that due to spam, scammers, marketing businesses that want to solicit, she does not answer calls that are unknown or unfamiliar to her. This is why it is important to leave a message. Then she knows you are real and she will gladly return your call as soon as she is able. Thank you for understanding.

Commercial Workshops

Barbara is available coast to coast for colleges, schools, universities, corporations, small and large businesses, holistic centers, etc for either 2 or 3 day retreats. If you are an organization that wishes to bring Barbara into your center please contact her through this website Here.

Students are responsible for their own room and board and travel expenses.

Organizations cover Barbara Anne Rose’s travel expenses, room and board.


In-Bound Workshops

Barbara’s In-Bound workshops take place at her location in Houston, Delaware for men, women and couples. Register Here

Friday 1-5
Saturday 9-6
Sunday 9-6

Description of workshops here.

There will be time for open discussion in all workshops. Her book, Angel
. is included for FREE in all workshops.


Traditional Massage Services  

Swedish 1hr and 90 min

Deep Tissue 1hr and 90 min

Thai Bodywork 90 min

Spirit (similar to Esalen) 1hr and 90 min

Couples Swedish Massage 90 min and 2hrs 

Couples Spirit Massage 90 min and 2hrs

Couples Divine Touch Class 2hr 

Description of services here 

Divine Touch Tantra 

For men, women, and couples. For description visit here 

Email Coaching 

View description here 

Life Relationship Coaching 

View Description here 

Mentorship Programs 

View description here 

Email Coaching

One email $25

Ask one brief detailed question regarding any aspect of relationships.

Pay BELOW using Pay Pal button. Once payment is made fill out contact form with your question and Barbara will answer ASAP

Email Coaching

Love and Blessings