Divine Touch Tantra

Barbara offers her Divine Touch to men, women and couples.


A note for women who have been abused in their past or currently suffering. If you are currently suffering please contact a licensed professional who deals specifically with trauma. Barbara once suffered first hand sexual abuse from her father, emotional, mental and spiritual control from her ex-husband. We may not have same experiences but we most assuredly have gone through similar feelings and emotions. The shame, anger, fear and resentment stemming from it. One of the reasons Barbara wrote her book, Angel Works, is to help men and women in their healing so that you can also thrive and prosper in all parts of your life. If at any time in a session you feel uncomfortable, speak up.

Information about Divine Touch Massage

Barbara works with your body using long, flowing, caring strokes. Difficult as it may be writing in words, the feelings and sensations you may receive during the course of her work are individualized. Many express a sense of peace, love, joy, and serenity. Something they’ve never felt before. A place they never knew existed or a place they were aware existed but have not yet felt. For testimonies go here . Reading them will help you have a better understanding of what you may experience.

A key to receive what is described above or in testimonials is about surrender. Healing truly starts and ends with you. Because you are you and no one else, no two sessions are alike. Every gentle sensation, every pleasurable stroke, will awaken your senses and cause unbelievable anticipation for the moment that is to come next. You will be brought to new levels of awareness as you sink deeply into an alpha state; yet being conscious of everything around you. 

Just as the musical instrument is to the musician, the clay to the sculptor, the canvas to the artist, so the body is to Barbara. She connects with music in such a way she becomes ONE with the vibrations which allows her hands to glide and stroke your body with ease. As you surrender under her wing you will move beyond limitations you thought not possible. If you are closed and uptight, energy has a harder time moving through in order to help you feel at a deeper level.

There are seven major Chakras which lie from the root (base of spine) to your Crown (top of your head). As Barbara performs her work, your Chakras are being purified, cleansed, and balanced. Barbara may lead you through a visualization process that takes your focus back and forth from the Root to the Throat Chakra (5th Chakra). At Your Third Eye also known as Ajna, Mind’s Eye/Spirit Eye (6th Chakra) which is located in the center of your forehead Barbara asks you to create a special place. Answers to questions which lie within your being may be answered during this process.