Weekend Retreats

Couples interested in an individualized retreat, fee is $5000 for any three consecutive days. Deposit of $1000 is required in order to reserve time with Barbara Anne Rose, Goddess of The Rose. Within these three days, couple receives both talk and touch therapy. Touch Therapy can include a variety of modalities based upon what is addressed within set time with her.

Miss Rose’s retreat for one couple at a time, are for those who have come to a point where they have reached a place of desperation. They are eager and tenaciously determined to work with Barbara in order for her to help them.

Workshop One

Sexuality and Intimacy for individuals and couples – Are you missing intimacy in your life men and women? Are you a man that feels like he’s dying on the inside because your wife isn’t hugging you, cuddling with you, kissing you, doesn’t want or even care to have sex with you?! There IS an underlying cause!!

Women, do you feel alone because your needs aren’t being met? Has your husband stopped being intimate with you? There IS a reason! There is always a reason but have either one of you taken the time to actually talk about what is going on? Like really talk honestly and openly?

In this workshop it is very important to talk about what’s happening and what’s NOT happening. When it comes to sexuality/intimacy, it is CRUCIAL this be discussed. Barbara helps couples in all kinds of situations but it’s sad to say that to often one person isn’t willing to break down out of their ego (yes women, you too). It is very important that BOTH parties are ready to face their own selves or else success won’t happen. And success is what WE WANT!! 

This workshop will delve deep into not only sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and lack of intimacy by learning from it based on psychology, but also on a Spiritual level. This workshop will help you assess your needs individually and as a couple.

Sexuality and Intimacy is often misunderstood due to the bombardment of the way media proliferates it. You will learn how to use body language, music, art, dance, touch and voice communication to enhance intimacy with your partner. Barbara teaches individuals how to go back to who they are, where they came from. She incorporates different ways of meditation which will help access your full power. This in turn gains inner guidance to facilitate full body and internal orgasms. 

Workshop Two

Relational Communication for individuals and couples – “He/She done me wrong!?” Do you find yourself at odds with others? Did your wife cheat? Did your husband cheat? Did both of you cheat? Are you simply not talking anymore? DO you want to??!! Are you sure? Because you need to sure or else your situation wont change until you speak up! But speaking up is not about raising your voice in anger, irritation, jealousy, etc. Do you desire love back in your life? Or do  you just need to up the notch?

Wether it is the need to up the notch or an all out HELP ME PLEASE, Barbara is here to help you throw the facades away, center into your heart where you hold your care and compassion, because the heart doesn’t lie. A lot of people have forgotten to be honest. We have to be honest with our self first. Brutally honest. Barbara can help find it for you, with you! We can have a difference of opinion that IS in Harmony. Our point is not the only one just because it’s our idea. We need to allow the other to have a perspective other than our own. When we resolve we then have wholeness. Don’t become attached or entertained to the other’s wrongs or your grievances. Barbara can help you stop the self-illusion so you can move on.

Barbara will help you nourish your life and stop the ties that you bind yourself with. She will help you stop the arguments, grievances, and wrong doings. The way in which she does this is she is paying attention to everything. From what you say, tone of voice, body language, eye movement, what you aren’t saying, the way your voice changes when talking about certain things. 

This workshop is specific on how you relate to others while still holding true to who you really are.

Workshop Three

Divine Touch Massage Workshop for couples only – boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, friend/friend – In this workshop you will learn how to give a relaxing, invigorating, loving, caring, sensual massage. A Divine Touch massage. Bringing together the divine in each of us in a safe, sacred setting allows freedom to express inner love for another.

Barbara teaches about the energy systems in our bodies, called chakras. By teaching you about them, teaches you how to tap, tune, and turn them on. Orgasms can happen in many ways. Showing love can be done in several ways without it being sexual AND can still create a feeling of oneness. It is even possible to have an orgasm without coming together sexually.

This workshop will ignite the powers within you that will surprisingly help you in many areas of your life. The positive changes that can affect your life by attending a weekend workshop on giving a Divine Touch massage will impact your life in extraordinary ways.

Hands on teaching and practice. Massages are performed with genital areas appropriately covered. 

All workshops touch on the following, however Relational Communication workshop stresses more on communication, Sexuality/Intimacy workshop focuses more on sexuality and intimacy. Divine Touch Massage Workshop focuses more on teaching how to give massage. 

  1. Chakras. How they can affect you emotionally, mentally, spiritually. How chakras communicate to you through the body to better able take care of self and others. How to utilize your Chakras as your teacher and healer
  2. Energy fields
  3. Communication Styles
  4. Spiritual Truths
  5. Meditation
  6. Awareness
  7. Consciousness
  8. Study male and female anatomy
  9. Myths surrounding sex and God
  10. Myths around Spirituality and God

There will be time for open discussion in all workshops and exercises taken from her book, Angel Works. Engagement from students is strongly recommended.

Cost is $1,000 includes room and board. Runs from Friday afternoon 1pm through Sunday evening 6pm. FREE gifts are given on Sunday as a token of Barbara’s appreciation of your commitment.

All workshops include a copy of her book, Angel Works.